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Event Data Collection & Management

Maximize your ROI and make sure your events are successful

What is event data?

Event data refers to information that is gathered before, during or after an event using different technological tools. It is leveraged to complement marketing efforts related to decision-making, communication, KPI calculations and automation.

Our expertise

Prime Marketing has been helping businesses collect and analyze precious data for the past 20 years. Thousands of companies trust us to organize unique and successful events and measure their performance.

Our team of professionals helps you gather valuable insights about your customers, generate more leads, analyze event ROI statistics, calculate event engagement and much more. We make sure that all the aspects of your event are covered. Data collection is a key element of event management, which is essential for any type of event.

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Our Effective
Data Collection & Analysis Tools

We offer various technological tools in order to enhance your events and calculate your ROI. Our data tools are divided into the following 4 main segments:

Geo Tracking

Geo tracking is used to locate mobile devices. We leverage this tool for events in order to target potential customers or provide custom offers through RFID, WiFI or Cellular Data. 

Mobile Polygoning

Mobile polygoning sets location perimeters, which help you reach your target audience on the move. You can follow users within the established location perimeters and deliver ads or content  while they are in your store or even after they’ve left. 

Net Promoter Score

We use a survey based program in order to measure the loyalty and customer satisfaction of customers. This management tool provides information related to the before and after impressions of the brand/product. 

Data Management

We ensure strict enforcement of data collection and encryption by implementing the highest standards. We work hand in hand with your legal department in order to follow guidelines precisely.

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Benefits of data collection at an event

Data collection tools such as QR scanning and RFID technology provide results in real-time. Live data helps you analyze information and evaluate key performance indicators (engagement, lead generation, etc.).

Using technology helps you collect more leads and gather important data about your potential customers. Leveraging surveys, social wifi or other digital tools is a great way to learn more about their preferences, preferred contact method and contact details. 

Our data collection and management tools make it possible for you to analyze the performance of your event in real-time and compare it to past events. With Prime Marketing, businesses leave nothing to chance. We help you accurately measure the success of your events and boost your ROI. 

Every time you leverage technology at your events, you gain more insight about your customers and leads. Metrics help you build a rich pool of knowledge that can be used for strategic decision-making, detailed reporting and trend analysis. 

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