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Mobile Marketing Tours

Make your brand stand out!

What are mobile marketing tours?

A mobile marketing tour is an experiential marketing strategy that consists of a series of events.  The events are designed and adapted for a specific demographic target market in order to present customers with new products and services in a unique and interactive way. This strategy makes consumers’ lives more exciting, which ultimately brings brands and customers closer together.

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Online Presence

Benefit from an increased online visibility. Our events stand out and keep people talking. Customers are sure to share their experience.

Event Staffing

We take care of recruiting the best team for your mobile tour’s success: brand ambassadors, field coordinators, management team and operation supervisor. 

Customer Acquisition

Experiential events are one of the most popular and proven strategies to increase customer acquisition.

Tour Assets

We build trailers adapted to our clients’ specifications and we also have prime owned assets available for rent. With our warehouses across the country, logistics are a piece of cake. 

Full Services

At Prime, we take care of planning everything from A to Z for your mobile marketing tours: design, fabrication, staffing and logistics.

Measurable ROI

We use technological tools to track key performance indicators. We measure your return on investment (ROI) so that you can see for yourself how successful events can elevate your brand.

Our recipe for success

At Prime Marketing, we know that it’s not enough to just differentiate yourself. You need to establish a dialogue with your customers that evokes emotions. After all, emotions set the guidelines for decision-making. Our experiential marketing campaigns do just that. They start a conversation with your consumers and leave a lasting impression. 

The best events are backed by impeccable logistics. At Prime Marketing, planning is our forte. We know how to work on a timeline and meet deadlines. From ideation to material procurement, from staffing and training to scheduling and warehouse management, we’ve got you covered. We are transparent with our clients and believe communication is key. 

Digital integration leads to deeper engagement and provides an ongoing channel of communication with your customers. We integrate data collection & management as well as web development within our event marketing strategies to track engagement and sales. 

Our team has been specializing in mobile marketing tours for over 20 years.


Let us give your brand the recognition it deserves.

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“ We are pleased to count Prime Marketing as a valued partner with Coffee Sampling Tour which involves duties such as: Booking staff, contacting the events, operation of the sampling trailer, supervising staff, etc. In my experience, Prime Marketing truly offers a turnkey service […] ”

Cathy Begley
McDonald’s Canada