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Product Sampling

Grow your ROI and increase brand awareness

What is product sampling?

Product sampling and tasting is an experiential marketing activation strategy whereby a brand gives customers free samples so that they can get a taste of their products and personality in an interactive manner. 

It’s a powerful tool to increase brand awareness because it creates an emotional connection between a company’s products and its target consumers. This sensorial experience gets consumers thinking about your product and influences their purchase decision.

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Prime Marketing maximizes reach and conversion

We specialize in designing effective product sampling campaigns that reach the maximum number of people in your target market. We present your product at the perfect time and in the right context to maximize your ROI.


Brand awareness

When you give away free products, it immediately draws attention to your brand. Customers spread the word to family and friends and do the marketing for you.


Sampling and tasting is a marketing strategy that gives you instant feedback, whether in person or online. Feedback helps you improve your products and overall customer experience. 

Brand loyalty

Sampling gives customers the opportunity to try a product with no risk before they buy it. This creates brand loyalty within the target audience and generates word-of-mouth advertising. 

Improved ROI

Product sampling is a proven marketing strategy that is known to have a lasting impact on sales. Building a stronger consumer connection drives a bigger return on investment.

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Effective product sampling campaigns 

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Led by a team of brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors work as the face of the brand. They transmit the company’s values and explain all the benefits of your products to your customers. They distribute free samples to consumers in a creative way in the best context for maximum impact. 

At Prime Marketing, we help brands reach their customers by adapting our product sampling campaigns to the needs and objectives of each client. Whether the goal is to engage a niche audience within a specific context or reach a wide audience in a huge location, we tailor our

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