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Sponsorship marketing

Want to maximize your return on investment?

What does sponsorship activation mean?

Sponsorship activation is a marketing strategy that consists of launching a series of complementary actions by the sponsor with the aim of increasing the overall return on investment. 

Simply put, the activation process consists in providing financial support to an event, organization, product or person to obtain advertising benefits in exchange. Successful sponsorships benefit both the parties involved.


At Prime Marketing, we focus on these key elements to make your sponsorship activation stand out and maximize your return on investment.

Event ambassadors

We have over 500 passionate brand ambassadors across Canada and the United States.

Targeted promotions

We create unique event contests and targeted promotions to maximize conversions.

Lead generation

We define clear objectives and implement the best strategy to generate leads within your target market. 

Content creation

Our team of creative gurus creates rich and authentic content that is engaging.

Social media buzz

We leverage social media platforms and digital channels to promote the activation, create online buzz and maximize your digital reach.

Measurable ROI

We use data collection and management tools to enhance your event and calculate your return on investment. 

Over two decades of experience in sponsorship marketing

There are different types of sponsorships that brands can leverage to truly connect with their audience. At Prime, we’ve been specializing in bridging the gap between brands and customers & boosting our client’s ROI for over 20 years. Whether it’s philanthropic, sports marketing, entertainment or more, we’ve got what it takes to deliver unique value to your customers and maximize your benefits.

Our Approach

We are experts at finding the best prospective sponsors.

Get noticed

We leverage the right digital channels and design momentous event sponsorships to set you apart from the crowd and achieve your objectives. 

Be authentic

Sponsorship activations must be authentic. The public can tell the difference between genuine brand partnerships and inauthentic PR stunts.

Deliver value

We specialize in bringing brands to life by delivering value to their customers through memorable experiences. In the process, we also maximize your ROI.

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