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Street Marketing

At Prime, we help brands go viral with unconventional ideas!

What is street marketing?

Street marketing is a strategy that consists of a set of promotions, communication actions and guerrilla marketing campaigns that are carried out in urban settings or in commercial spaces. 

Its objective is to increase brand awareness and connect with consumers on a deeper level. It’s a very powerful strategy because people view it as an experience rather than advertising. This helps brands relate to their target audiences in their own environment. 


Cost effectiveness

It is possible to create street marketing strategies with varied budgets. If you have a limited budget, but you use creativity, you can create an excellent campaign.

Brand awareness

Street marketing campaigns use experimental advertising techniques to create memorable experiences. They draw out powerful emotions in their consumers, which generates word of mouth. 

Social networking

Guerrilla marketing creates eye-catching campaigns that surprise people and create social buzz. It leverages social media platforms to interact with its consumers. 

Brand differentiation

Street marketing distances itself from traditional marketing to distinguish your brand from the crowd and set you apart from your competitors. 

Our street marketing campaigns

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Unconventional marketing ideas

With Prime, street marketing is more cost-effective and higher reaching that traditional advertising. We help brands go viral by designing one-of-a-kind marketing plans that target their core audience and increase the sales of their products or services. 

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